Eagles star Dallas Goedert delves into space travel theories during a recent Pardon My Take sit-down

Dallas Goedert appeared on Pardon My Take's podcast, showed off his personality, and discussed everything from football to unicycling to the moon landing in 1969.
Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Commanders
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Last June, while Philadelphia Eagles star Dallas Goedert was attending Tight End University in June, he recorded an interview with the Pardon My Take podcast. Did you feel that? It isn't uncommon. Any opportunity for Birds fans to get to know their favorite players brings butterflies. The most recent era of Birds football has provided moments like Jalen Hurts hanging out on the New Heights podcast, but we have also seen some disappointments. Look no further than Nick Sirianni’s initial press conference.

The Pardon My Take crew has a gift for bringing out the personalities of the guests they bring on the air. One of the better examples came when Dak Prescott was on the show and they asked him what his favorite color was. He answered, “Grey”. Why? Because he’s a tremendous loser, and that is a loser's answer.

Fear not. If the memory of a conversation with a member of the Dallas Cowboys organization hasn't made you ill, we recommend Goedert's recent appearance to brighten your day.

Dallas Goedert was outstanding in his interview

July 12th's episode of Pardon My Take is a must-watch if you haven't seen it yet. As is often the case, nothing was off limits. The subject matter ranged from the entertainment value of Mount Rushmore, the coolness factor of unicycling, and how one can go about becoming a better Fantasy football player.

The highlight, of course, was the Dallas Goedert interview. Here's an excerpt, one that questions the validity of the U.S. landing on the moon (surprisingly, some very good points were made).

In one of the more interesting parts of the interview, Goedert discussed opposing defenses’ reactions to seeing the Eagles coming out of the huddle in their QB sneak formation. He mentions that there was a lot of trash talk coming from the defense saying that the Eagles should run a real play. Wait until you hear his response.

The full episode is below. Thank Pardon My Take's YouTube channel for the clip. Fast forward to the 58:35 minute mark for the full interview.

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