Eagles star Darius Slay makes his pitch for Jason Kelce Day in Philadelphia

The man we call 'Big Play' has big ideas for how March 4th in Philly should be remembered moving forward.

Jason Kelce, Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Kelce, Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

They say game recognize game. We can dig it. That statement has been made in just about every professional sport. We don't hear it as often as we used to. It just doesn't have the same zing as it once did. Heck, we don't even remember who said it first. Game certainly recognizes game though, and Philadelphia Eagles star Darius Slay has proven that again.

Since Jason Kelce delivered his retirement speech, there has been an outpouring of love on social media. The Pro Football Hall of Fame all but inducted him early. Everyone from Michael Vick to Zach Ertz to players from all over our favorite game have taken time out to one of the most revered Birds of recent memory.

Heck, each of Philly's professional sports franchises have chimed in. Check out the love fest.

Love is everything... Love is everywhere...

Posted by Inside The Iggles on Monday, March 4, 2024

The gold medal goes to the guy we affectionately refer to as Big Play Slay. He recently took to X to share his theory on how March 4th should be celebrated in Philly moving forward, and its an idea most will appreciate.

Darius Slay casts his vote for 'Jason Kelce Day' in Philadelphia.

Darius Slay is a chill dude. he loves Philly. He loves Detroit. He has shown tremendous appreciation for the cities he has played in. Earlier this month, as he sometimes does, he logged into his X account to express how real that love is.

One of his most ingenious ideas came three days later though. On the day his now-former teammate Jason Kelce called it a career and hung up the cleats, Slay shared an idea no Philly sports fan will object to.

'Jason Kelce Day'... Sign us up! Tell everyone to dress like Mummers Parade is in March. Heck, drink from the beer keg if you feel inclined.

Game recognizes game. Jason Kelce holds a place in our hearts forever, and here's some fair warning. If Philly tries to let anyone wear the Number 62 jersey again, expect a riot. It's time to retire that jawn.

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