Eagles star Lane Johnson creates shockwaves with a Mr. Universe-style drop on Twitter

  • Year 11 with the Philadelphia Eagles approaches for Lane Johnson.
  • He is still playing football at the top of his game.
  • Recently, as he often does, he sent shockwaves through Twitter.
Lane Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles

It isn't quite on the level of Marshawn Lynch's 'Beast Quake' (a seismograph registering 67-yard run during a 2010 Wild Card Playoff game), but it's close... Or, maybe that's just how it feels to us. If you're one of those people that shows up to rallies and/or parties late, you may also be unaware that Philadelphia Eagles star Lane Johnson is one of the more intriguing follows on social media.

He's been known to host teammates for interviews on Instagram and share inspiring quotes to educate us about the challenges of dealing with mental health issues. His @LaneJohnson65 handle is a traveling party when he shows off his sense of humor. Recently, he showed off a talent that most men wish they had and don't.

One of his more recent drops saw him lift 700 pounds and do so effortlessly. Yep! It's stuff like this that makes one hit the 'share' or retweet button.

Geesh. It's no wonder why edge rushers have so many problems getting around this guy.

Year 11 with the Philadelphia Eagles approaches for Lane Johnson.

They grow up so fast, don't they? One of the members of Philly's 'core four' (Brandon Graham, Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, Fletcher Cox), Number 65 enters year 11 in the NFL. All have been played in midnight green. He has played for Chip Kelly, Doug Pederson, and Nick Sirianni while his 'big brothers' have done the same while also playing for Andy Reid.

While it may seem like they can play forever, the truth is they won't, and Lane has already made a few statements that lend to the theory he's thinking about his own mortality and what comes next after football. Fingers are crossed that he'll stick around a few more years though.

Guys that can lift 700 pounds don't grow on trees. Plus, he's still playing pro football at a high level. Perhaps you've heard. He hasn't given up a sack in a while, and last season, we saw no setbacks in his game as he played the entire playoff run with a torn abductor.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have cracked the case. Lane Johnson is clearly an alien from out of space.