Eagles tailgate plays host to a wedding ahead of Eagles vs. Cowboys clash

You never know what you'll see at an Eagles game, but this should make the heart sing. A couple of Birds fans tie the knot ahead of Week 9's clash with the Cowboys.
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Only in Philly... Show up for some tailgating at Lincoln Financial Field ahead of a hometown Philadelphia Eagles versus Dallas Cowboys clash. Stay for some wedding cake. Nothing says 'NFC East' like a nationally televised clash between bitter rivals. Nothing says 'Philly' like fans showing up to exchange vows and tie the knot.

Check this one out. Try to fight back some of the tears. This is beautiful! Brooke and Rob Rittner said their vows ahead of Sunday's home game against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 9.

Is anyone else thinking that this is the most romantic thing that they have ever seen? It's almost a shame that we have to play a football game after that. Then again, no it isn't. What the heck are we talking about?

This is Eagles versus Cowboys. It's Jason Kelce's birthday, and you aren't convincing us that a good-looking couple like this one ISN'T in the stands and watching this one.

One never knows what they'll see at an Eagles game.

Well, we've seen a ton over the years at Lincoln Financial Field. Some of those images are burned into our memories forever (and, we wish they weren't). Maybe we should be happy. It isn't as wild as some of the stuff we saw at Veterans Stadium, but once you see Santa Claus moon a team bus, nothing else can surprise you.

With that being said, we'll take a wedding. Heck, we hope we see another next week. First things first though. We need to see an Eagles win over Dallas.