Eagles have transformed a once suspect red zone offense into a perfect version of itself

This ain't your early-season Eagles red zone offense anymore.

Kenneth Gainwell, Philadelphia Eagles
Kenneth Gainwell, Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles have been perfect in the red zone throughout their past three games. We're talking 'perfect' as in 'converting 100% of their red zone trips into touchdowns' perfect. Early in the season, there were times when we would have never thought this would be the case.

When the 2023 schedule dropped, we saw a brutal stretch of games that spanned from Week 9 through Week 15. Seeing this team produce a perfect red-zone conversion percentage during the first three games of that brutal stretch is amazing. You absolutely love to see things like this happen.. 

Dissecting the Eagles' red-zone offense: Where their opponents rank and ack in those games.

Before we get into each defense the Eagles have faced, how they attempted to defend Philly, and how the Birds ultimately capped off those drives, it feels important to list the teams that have allowed the fewest number of red zone touchdown conversions. The top three franchises in that category are the Baltimore Ravens (37.5%), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (37.8%), and the Atlanta Falcons (38.24%).

Also for reference, the Eagles have allowed 64.86% of opposing teams' red zone trips to be converted into touchdowns at the time of this story's release. That landed them 28th in that category ahead of the NFL's 13th week of action.

Here's what their offense has done in the red zone during their past three games.

Week 9 vs. the Dallas Cowboys

Where Dallas ranked ahead of Week 13:
Dallas’ defense has been the Cowboys' bread and butter for the past couple of years, but this year, they have allowed opposing offenses to score touchdowns on 57.14% of red zone trips. That ranks them 22nd in the NFL. They are sandwiched between the Kansas City Chiefs at 56.67% (21st) and the Arizona Cardinals at 59.26% (23rd).

Philly's Week 9 performance:
In Week 9, the Eagles scored red-zone TDs on a 12-yard run from Kenny Gainwell, a Brotherly Shove, and a four-yard reception by A.J. Brown. DeVonta Smith also scored on a 29-yard reception. 

Week 11 vs. the Kansas City Chiefs

Where the Chiefs ranked ahead of Week 13:
The Chiefs' defense has been responsible for most of the team's wins this year. As we have said, they’re ranked 21st among red-zone defenses. Opposing offenses score on 56.67% of red-zone trips. That ranks them behind the Washington Commanders at 55.56% (20th) and ahead of the 22nd-ranked Cowboys.

Philly's Week 11 performance:
The Eagles scored three red-zone rushing TDs in this one. We saw a four-yard run from D’Andre Swift and a ten-yard QB draw from Jalen Hurts. The go-ahead score came by way of a Brotherly Shove rushing TD. 

Week 12 vs. the Buffalo Bills

Where the Bills ranked ahead of Week 13:
The Bills defense has been scrutinized, but overall it, has been good. This year, they have allowed offenses to score on 52.63% of their red zone trips. That ties them with the Los Angeles Chargers as the 14th-best red-zone defense in the NFL.

They rank ahead of the Houston Texans who allow red-zone TDs 52.78% percent of the time and the San Francisco 49ers who allow red-zone TDs at a 52% clip.

Philly's Week 12 performance:
The Eagles' red zone drives ended with a Brotherly Shove, a three-yard pass to A.J. Brown, a 15-yard dart to DeVonta Smith, and a walk-off 12-yard TD run from Jalen Hurts. 

In conclusion:
Obviously, a 100% success rate is unsustainable, but it’s also leaps and bounds ahead of what we saw leading up to the Eagles’ Week 6 loss. Even if that number dips, which it might versus the 49ers defense, one that allows red-zone TDs at a 52% conversion rate, it’s still amazing.

It might be hard to see at times, but Brian Johnson and this offense have really grown this season.

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