Eagles versus Dolphins vibe check: Miami's fans are lacking confidence

The Dolphins have the capability of scoring a billion points and they have the most electric wide receiver in the NFL. Why aren't they peacocking?
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles' Week 7 matchup pits them against an offensive powerhouse, the Miami Dolphins. In case you missed it, the Fins laid 70 points on the Denver Broncos earlier this season. You would think that a team with that capability would have fans who permanently walk around doing the Billionaire Strut.

Mentally, that's not where Dolphins fans are, and it's weird. So, for this week's vibe check, we dug into Dolphins' Twitter and saw how fans were feeling going into this game and attempted to see why they aren't the cockiest people on the planet when they probably should be.

What... the. Hell... You guys...

There are fairies that are behind the Dolphins' success. If the NFL is going to crack down on PEDs and things like that, they need to make sure that mystical creatures and the like are not also giving teams special powers.

This is unfair, and we need to look back at the Dolphins 70-point game. Maybe the All-22 shows a pixie cruising through the field, sprinkling dust on Broncos defenders, making them too small to tackle.

In all reality, @TheFairies_ goes into the Dolphins tweets, and comes up with poems about the team. After sifting through a whole bunch of tweets throughout the week, there might be 12 or so different poems. It's mega weird.

This is good. This is good. It's a known fact that vibes are able to travel through time and space, so if the Eagles start to expose the Dolphins' defense, fans everywhere will start to send those negative vibes towards the team and the Eagles will walk away with an easy victory.

Connor Williams is a guard. You would think that a guy who's absence could cost the team the game would be more notable than a guy we've never heard of. Like, 'There's pretty much no chance we win without Tyreek Hill.' See? That makes sense.

Yep, if a coach doesn't mention the team they're playing, then they'll lose by a pathetic amount. That's facts and we're not going to listen to any argument on the contrary. This one is on you, Mike McDaniel.

Anyone who dunks on the New England Patriots is a good person. Once the villain who has terrorized the NFL is dead, you take every opportunity you can to desecrate their corpse. That's call being a good fan. Shout out to @stickybunnn.

This should be the game plan for every game, right? This doesn't seem like this is game-specific. This shouldn't be a tweet, this should be a header. 'Don't let the bad guys be bad guys. Let the good guys be good guys.' That's what this says.

CHARLEY DAVID IS PLAYING? THIS IS BAAAAD NEWS. Dolphins are going to win by 40 if Charley D is out there.

As you can see, Dolphins fans are a little bit out of sorts. They know that their offense is good, but the teams that they've beaten have a combined record of 5-25. This game is a fraud watch game for them. They're a realistic fanbase and that's respectable.

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