Eagles versus Jets vibe check: Jets fans are miserable and that totally makes sense

The Jets have landed in quarterback hell for yet another season. Some fans are weirdly fine with that and some have succumbed to their teams' inevitable failure.
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
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The Philadelphia Eagles are visiting MetLife Stadium in Week 6 to battle the New York Jets which means it's time for a vibe check on the bad guys' fans. From the outside looking in, New York Jets fans feel kind of weird.

A few weeks ago, everyone was ready to dispose of Zach Wilson. Make no mistake about it. That's absolutely the right move. Then, it happened. He enjoyed a decent game in Week 4. He won a game in Week 5, and now it seems like Jets fans have changed their tune, albeit to one that isn't less healthy.

It appears that Jets fans are perfectly fine with living in misery.

Jets fans are a different bunch. They never seem to be having any fun. They seem content in knowing that demanding more from their guys if they play like garbage is an exercise in futility.

We want them to fight for their guys and ask their guys to put up more of a fight on game days, but it feels like they're fine with the layer of hell that they constantly find themselves living in.

Again, that's what it feels like from the outside looking in, so we pulled up our britches and dove deep into the depths of Jets Twitter and found out how the fans and players are feeling. Let's see what the real vibes are for Jets fans

We should all be envious of good punter vibes. That's literally the only thing Eagles fans should be envious of this week. It's a bummer that we have to continue to deal with this.

This is a prime example of positive vibes only. It's much better to say that you're the second-worst team in the league rather than the thirty-first-best. Take a note from Brooklyn Basketball, that's a person who knows how to deal with adversity.

In case you were wondering, the Jets' offense coordinator Nathaniel Hackett calls the red zone" the "Gold Zone." He says red means stop, and when you're that close you should go.

He chose the color gold because he loves Austin Powers in Goldmember, which is just a really really weird thing to model your offense off of. All of that is true, and very very dumb.

1,066 people voted in that poll. That means 754 people pressed a button that says, "Let Zach Cook" which means that no matter how dumb you may think you are, there are 754 people who are dumber than you. #LetZachCook

Spencer Carter saying that he's not looking forward to this game means that he looks forward to other Jets games which is an objectively deranged mindset to have. That is until you look at his profile picture and see that it's Zach Wilson.

You have two ways to look at this: you can completely disregard the ravings of a lunatic, or you can treat it like a flight attendant panicking.

You know things are going really wrong when you see a flight attendant freaking out because they've seen all kinds of bad things. You know things are going to go really wrong when a Jets fan isn't looking forward to a game because they've seen all kinds of bad things.

Why would you be a part Jets fan? It sure feels like being halfway in on a disastrous team is a choice. You could just not be halfway in on them and live a healthier life. That being said, we all agree with you Space Demon 485.

Aside from the 754 psychopaths that are cool with letting Zach Wilson cook, its safe to say the the vibes are at an all-time low. They realize they beat one of the worst teams in the NFL and they realize there is nothing they can do to stop their pain. Go Birds.

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