Eagles versus Minnesota Vikings: 10 opposing players to watch during Philly's home opener

Here are ten Vikings to watch in Week 2. They'll be looking to ruin the Eagles' home opener at Lincoln Financial Field.
Justin Jefferson, Philadelphia Eagles
Justin Jefferson, Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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The Vikings are the Eagles' opponent in Week 2, and this team isn't one to overlook.

Okay... Okay... It's time to enforce the 24-hour rule. We're well past a full day since the Philadelphia Eagles pulled out a win during a game that shouldn't have been as stressful as it was. Give the New England Patriots credit. They gave their best effort, but in the end, the Birds are 1-0 after one game, and that's all that matters. Are there areas that need fixing? Sure there are, but it's more fun to make adjustments after a win than it is to do so following a loss.

Welcome to life in the NFL. There's no margin for error (or any room to breathe). Philly has to place a rush job on preparing for their next opponent. Four days after a hard-earned win, they have to reboot, refocus, and focus on securing another.

The script for Week 2 is similar to the one we watched unfold last season. The Eagles are playing in prime time. The opponent is the Minnesota Vikings. This one, again, doubles as Philly's home opener. Here are ten Vikings names to circle on your program.