Eagles versus Patriots: Defensive expectations and bold predictions for Week 1

As the hour approaches, we can't help but play out every possible scenario in our minds. Here are bold predictions for the Eagles versus Patriots game.
Nick Sirianni (L), Jalen Hurts (R), Philadelphia Eagles
Nick Sirianni (L), Jalen Hurts (R), Philadelphia Eagles / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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The Philadelphia Eagles fly into Gillette Stadium to face the New England Patriots. Citizens of Foxborough beware.

This probably won't land in the 'breaking news' category, but the Philadelphia Eagles have a game to play on Sunday. Just take a few seconds and let that sink in for a second. If you're a citizen of Foxborough, you should be worried.

Birds fans don't care that the New England Patriots employ what might be the best head coach the NFL has ever seen. They don't care about Tom Brady being honored. They most certainly don't care that, for once, they will be outnumbered at the venue, in this case Gillette Stadium.

All Eagles fans care about is winning this game, producing a 1-0 start to the season, and moving on to Week 2's home opener. That one doubles as a Thursday night affair versus the Minnesota Vikings,

The goal is clear. Get back to the Super Bowl and win it this time. The Patriots are a speed bump and nothing more. We expect an Eagles victory. Let's talk about reasonable expectations for Philly's defense before we discuss a few bold predictions.