Eagles versus Rams vibe check: The 70 Rams fans we could find are happy L.A.'s start in 2023

The Rams have started off their season with a record of 2-2. Most people in LA don't know who the Rams are, but the few that do are excited.
Los Angeles Rams v Indianapolis Colts
Los Angeles Rams v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles are going to Los Angeles in Week 5 to take on the Rams. It's no secret that L.A.'s teams, for the most part, are void of passionate fans. It is what it is. If teams win, the fans are all in. If they don't everyone goes to the beach.

That's just kind of the vibe on the 'left coast'. It was a little tricky to find people on social media who are actually into the Rams and it was even trickier to do a vibe check based on what they had to say.

The reality of the Rams' situation is that they are much better than anyone thought they would be. They set a record in the 2022 season with the worst record from a defending Super Bowl champion. The energy around that 18-week-long performance moved into the offseason this year.

The Rams have started off their season much better than anyone anticipated... with a 2-2 record.

Things have changed a little bit. The Rams have a rookie wide receiver, Puka Nacua, who has been on fire and the 36 Rams fans are very excited about him. On top of that, they've somehow started the season with a 2-2 record, which was their ceiling through four weeks.

Knowing all of this, we can assume that the vibes surrounding the LA Rams are at least moderately high. But you know what assuming does to someone, so let's check in with the very small number of Rams fans out there and see what they have going on.

This is the correct way to treat your rivals' fans. Dismiss everything they say, and do it while using minimal punctuation and grammar. Shout out to Ankur.

Does LoneWolf think Sean McVay has the power and/or capability to take Matt Stafford off the field? Matt Stafford separated his shoulder against the Browns in 2009 and he went back to finish the game-winning drive.

Stafford could be dropped from a plane without a parachute, splatter on the ground, and be ready to throw for 200 yards in a couple of hours. He's a tank.

Spot the lie. Coburn nailed it. The Rams moved to LA, lost all their fans, their tweets read like they're AI generated, and they're better than anyone thought they would be. If the Eagles weren't playing them this year, they'd be fun to watch.

It'd be very funny if HAWKS OWN YOU's only tweets were responses to the Rams tweets and they all just said, "hawks own you." We're not going to look into it because the reality would probably be disappointing.

@godhand70854878 has a great point here. If you really look into the words that they're saying, you'd be fool to disagree. Although with the last part? That's a little bit farfetched.

Translation: "Happy Birthday, but please don't get cooked. We'll publicly disparage you if you do." Luckily for Krabs the Dodger Fan, the Rams would be smart to not have a linebacker cover A.J. Brown. Who knows what their gameplan is though? Maybe they try it and we all laugh at them.

This picture goes kind of hard. Although artistically depicting the ascension to heaven and the inevitable death of Matt Stafford is kind of a weird move. That's especially true since he's a guy who could take a howitzer shell to the chest and still find a way to play ball.

This was less of an informative excercise than we had hoped. We really wanted to see how Rams fans were feeling going into this week, but that really only exists when there are enough fans to give you enough material to work with.

That wasn't the case this week. As a matter of fact, we came across a Discord server called "Rams Fans" and it had 19 members. That's a bad look, you guys.

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