Eagles vs. 49ers: 10 San Francisco stars to watch besides Nick Bosa and Christian McCaffrey

With San Fran on the Eagles' horizon, we take a look at ten 49ers who are not named Nick Bosa and Christian McCaffrey.

Brock Purdy, Christian McCaffrey, 49ers
Brock Purdy, Christian McCaffrey, 49ers / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Are we ready to call the Eagles and 49ers 'rivals'?

Depending on our mood, we may slip into saying something that isn't totally true. These past few days, we have called this Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers beef a 'rivalry'. Maybe that isn't totally the case. Maybe it's a point that's spot on. But, why is it that we dislike this team and its players so much?

Does anyone know the answer to that? We surely can't find one!

Maybe it isn't a rivalry, a natural one anyway. They play in different divisions. They, under most circumstances, won't play each other twice annually. Still, even with that being said, we despise them more than the Washington Commanders.

Last January seemingly started something. This is personal whether the players admit to that or not. The two best teams in the NFC meet on Sunday in Philadelphia. This one could determine playoff seeding.

We could talk about Nick Bosa and Christian McCaffrey all day, but with San Fran being the next speed bump, we elected instead to look at ten of San Fran's other stars who are worth paying attention to. We'll discuss the rivalry angle again later.

1. Javon Hargrave, defensive tackle

Javon Hargrave, San Francisco 49ers
Javon Hargrave, San Francisco 49ers / Mike Carlson/GettyImages

Hey, you remember this guy, don't you? Last offseason, the Eagles lost their best young interior defensive lineman to the guys in the Bay Area. Philly landed on its feet by adding Jalen Carter in the NFL Draft, but Javon Hargrave is a monster worth mentioning.

Hmm. We wonder how he feels about all of the trash talk he has heard from his new teammates.