Eagles vs. Bills: Fun and intriguing stats that may influence Philadelphia's Week 12 strategy

Here are a few intriguing statistics that may carry over into another A-1 Eagles performance.

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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The Eagles ranked 1st in the NFL in rushing yards allowed after Week 11.

Well, there was no way that we could mention the Bills rushing defense without doing the same for our Eagles. Philadelphia has done a phenomenal job of stopping the run. In fact, they have been so good that you might be fooled into thinking there was a misprint in what you read when you pull up the numbers.

Following Week 12's action, the Birds were averaging 76.5 rushing yards allowed. No team in the NFL has been better through the first 11 weeks of action.

Verdict: Might the best bet is to contain the Bills' rushing attack and force Josh Allen to beat the Eagles from the pocket?

The Eagles ranked 5th in scoring offense after Week 11.

The Philadelphia Eagles average 27.3 points per contest. Only the Miami Dolphins (30.5), Dallas Cowboys (30.2), San Francisco 49ers (27.9), and Baltimore Ravens (27.6) average more.

Verdict: The Bills can light up a few scoreboards too. They average 26.7 PPG. That slots them seventh among all NFL teams. While all of this may state there's a possibility that this one ends in a close Eagles win, if the Birds play their game, especially on defense, we believe Philly will make a few more stops than Buffalo will and close the show with a close victory.

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