Eagles vs. Cardinals: Reasonable expectations, late Christmas gifts worth hoping for

The Jonathan Gannon Bowl on New Year's Eve should be intriguing.

Jonathan Gannon, Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals
Jonathan Gannon, Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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Eagles fans everywhere have circled Week 17's game versus the Cardinals for obvious reasons.

70 sacks in a single 17-game stretch. When you say it out loud, it sounds impossible, but that's exactly what the Philadelphia Eagles did during the 2022 regular season en route to a Super Bowl appearance.

They introduced the opposing quarterback to the turf 70 times. 70! Three more would have given them an NFL record, one owned by the 1984 Chicago Bears.

We watched it happen. We still don't believe it. There are parts of us that wish that's part of why we remember Jonathan Gannon as defensive coordinator, but we all know that isn't the case.

J.G. left the City of Brotherly Love wearing a black hat of sorts. He's remembered as a Super Bowl goat, and not the good kind of G.O.A.T. either. He's largely blamed for the most crushing Eagles loss of recent memory. That gives Week 17's Eagles game a little more steam.

Reasonable expectations: Eagles eclipse 30-point threshold and rack up just under 400 yards of offense.

Yes friends, Jonathan Gannon is now the Arizona Cardinals' head coach. His new squad visits Lincoln Financial Field on New Year's Eve. Philly is heavily favored.

You would think, since Gannon is seen as a great defensive mind, that he would have elevated the Cardinals defense. He has not.

Expect the 'Jonathan Gannon Bowl' to feature some big plays by the Eagles offense. Expect one of Philly's better offensive showings as a result.