Eagles vs. Cardinals: Recent trends that can't extend into Week 17's Jonathan Gannon Bowl

It's critical that the Eagles learn from their mistakes down the stretch. Have they?
Jonathan Gannon, Philadelphia Eagles vs Arizona Cardinals
Jonathan Gannon, Philadelphia Eagles vs Arizona Cardinals / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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The Eagles have turned the ball over two times or more in three straight games.

Reckless... There's a word that we can use to describe how inept the Eagles have been in taking care of the football, and if we're being honest, it's also a word that doesn't do a good enough job of painting the picture.

The Eagles could do little to stop the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys. They choked one away versus the Seattle Seahawks. The turnover issues continued versus the New York Giants. In short, this team isn't playing well enough to win if they give extra opportunities to an opposing offense.

Verdict: Simply put, take care of the football.

Jalen Hurts has thrown three interceptions in the past two games and hasn't eclipsed a QB rating of 90 since Week 11.

Well, if you aren't throwing three TDs per contest and completing 70% of your passes or more. It's hard to eclipse a passer rating of 100. It's nearly impossible if you can't stop throwing picks.

Jalen was seen as an MVP favorite after Week 11. We know that same guy is in there somewhere. If he gets back to the fundamentals, he should be fine... we hope.

The Cards defense ranks 31st in opposing QB passer rating and opposing QB completion, so if Jalen Hurts struggles in this one, THEN you have our permission to panic.

Verdict: Jalen Hurts needs to calm down and take what the defense gives him. There's no need to go big-game hunting on every passing attempt.