Eagles vs. Chiefs: Expert shares Kansas City's biggest weaknesses

We picked the brain of someone who knows the Chiefs backward and forward to get some inside information.
Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs
Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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What's the best way to attack a Chiefs defense that has been playing well?

Believe it or not, it has been Kansas City's defense that has shined so far this season. They have two very good outside corners. They aren't giving up a ton of points. Philly's offense has its work cut out for them.

Steve Spagnuolo was an Eagles defensive assistant from 1999 until 2006. He has been the Chiefs' defensive coordinator since 2019. He has done a heck of a job, but his unit can be had.

Matt Conner is the editor at Arrowhead Addict, FanSided's original site and the home for all things Kansas City Chiefs. We picked his brain prior to this matchup (see below). We also asked him about K.C.'s weaknesses.

Here's some of what he had to say.

In terms of discussing weaknesses, let's start with the defense because that's the easier side to answer. The weaknesses aren't really there. However, every team has suspect areas and the Chiefs' run defense is definitely suspect.

Teams have had no real issues gashing the Chiefs defense time and again by handing the ball off time and again. Kansas City has been burned both inside and out when teams dedicate themselves to running the ball.

A north-south runner can really rack up the yardage given the lack of talent and depth along the interior in the trenches. The fact that linebacker Nick Bolton, the team's best tackler is telling. He is sitting out until late December with a wrist injury.

Right now, opposing backs are averaging a healthy 4.5 yards/carry which is good for 6th-worst in the NFL for K.C.'s defense.

So, that's it? Run the ball? That sounds easy enough. We just have one question. Will Philly dedicate themselves to the running game? We'll believe that one when we see it!