Bad Blood? Eagles have the perfect chance for Swift revenge on Chiefs

As Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce dominate headlines, Chiefs fans are on cloud nine ahead of Monday Night Football.

The Philadelphia Eagles' Week 11 opponent is a disgustingly familiar one. Just thinking about the Kansas City Chiefs reminds us of heartbreak that we haven't quite recovered from. Unfortunately, you can't escape them. They're ALWAYS in the news, so those wounds are seemingly never going to heal. 20 years from now, we'll still talk about Super Bowl LVII.

Every week, whether we admit to this or not, we all dive into Twitter (or 'X') and take the pulse of the next opponents' fan base. As you might expect with Chiefs fans, most of their vibes are immaculate.

Week in and week out, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's relationship dominates the headlines. They seem to be doing well. Good for them.

K.C.'s fans seem happy about the arrangement as well. Well, it makes sense, but it's also strange when you think about it. Join us, why don't you? Let's talk about some vibes

The Chiefs are doing well on the field and off the field, and their fans are basking in those vibes.

It was hard to find some real material for this week's vibe check, but you probably knew that. Even if you're not specifically looking at Chiefs Twitter, those posts have trickled into everyone's timelines.

The world's most famous couple has taken the main stage everywhere, and they're unavoidable. It took a lot of gumption, but we were able to sort through the trash and find out what's going on with Chiefs fans.

This is what the majority of Chiefs' Twitter looks like these days. If you are not a Swiftie and you are a Chiefs fan, you're having a very bad time on the internet.

The thing about this relationship is that the 'couple nickname' is very bad. We've seen famous couples with nicknames like Bennifer, Brangelina, and Kimye. Those are all perfectly fine... but then there's Tayvis. Tayvis just looks like you either don't know how to spell, or your keyboard is broken.

See? Now this is exciting. It's great to see that a fanbase has the utmost confidence and trust in a cornerback, only for that player to inevitably get humiliated by A.J. Brown.

No one has been able to come close to shutting A.J. down, and you have to think Trent McDuffie certainly isn't going to put the locks on him. As a matter of fact, A.J. has made defenders look like complete idiots, and a guy with a last name like 'McDuffie' is primed to get dunked on.

Instagram accounts for dogs are fine. No one has a problem with seeing more dogs on their feeds. Twitter accounts for dogs though? Buddy... it doesn't get much lower than that.

And then, you're going to misspell things in such an incredible way that it's borderline unintelligible? Get out of here with that.

Also, is this an anti-zombie account too? What the hell? That's an insanely small niche of people that their content is going to resonate with.

A couple of thoughts here: First, that cake looks like it tastes bad. It just goes to show that just because you can make something, it doesn't mean you should.

Second, is that Michaela Bennett's tweet was unprovoked? That means no one was accusing her of being a bandwagon fan, but she felt the need to prove she wasn't.

What we've learned from this, is that the easiest way to get underneath Chiefs fans' skin is by calling them a bandwagon fan. If you show weakness, we will exploit it.

The third, obviously, is the 'ARE YOU A REAL FAN IF YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO STADIUM JAIL?' Honestly, with the Chiefs, that might be true. Speaking of which, let's take a look at what's going on with ChiefsAholic, the noted superfan/felon extraordinaire.

That's a must-watch, for sure. 2023 has been a great year for sports documentaries. First, we had the Bishop Sycamore thing on HBO, and now we get to watch the story of this psychopath.

This sucks. Every once in a while you'll see Twitter bots hock merch and it kind of looks cool. This one really really doesn't.

The entire point of these dumb stickers is that they're supposed to have some kind of forced perspective and this does a terrible job at that. That being said, every Chiefs fan who has a lifted F-150 (so all of them) is 100% going to buy this.

It will look great next to their truck nuts and 'My other car is an ATV' sticker.

The Chiefs' fans are living on top of the world right now. The game on Monday night might not have the stakes of the Super Bowl, but if/when the Eagles get the W, it will give us an immeasurable amount of closure... And, it will make them sad, which is great too.

Here's something that ought to make you smile.

Genius! Yep! Pure genius. Enjoy the game everyone.

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