Eagles vs Cowboys: Reasonable requests, bold expectations for a Week 9 NFC East clash

We're planting our flag. We expect an Eagles win over the Cowboys. Here's how we see the game playing out.
Landon Dickerson, Philadelphia Eagles
Landon Dickerson, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Jalen Hurts accounts for 400 yards or more and four TDs.

Despite playing the Cowboys twice annually, star quarterbacks Jalen Hurts and Dak Prescott haven't had an opportunity to duel often. That changes on Sunday, and we're predicting a nice showing by Philly's QB1.

A bone bruise didn't stop Jalen from completing 76% of his passes and tossing four TD passes versus the Washington Commanders in Week 8. Dallas tends to fall asleep behind the wheel on defense sometimes. We believe that will yield some tasty fruit.

We're calling for 400 yards of offense from Hurts and four total TDs. Running... Passing... We couldn't care less how he does it.

Philadelphia wins time of possession and commits fewer penalties.

These are obvious needs for an Eagles victory. In tight divisional clashes where the two participating teams know each other well, games are often won and lost by the side that makes fewer mistakes. We have seen Philly beat themselves and play mistake-free at times. On Sunday, we'll see more of the latter.

Expect a disciplined performance by the home team. Ball control, possessing the rock for 35 minutes or more on offense, and keeping the Cowboys O on the sideline should be enough to secure a win for the good guys.