Eagles vs. Giants: 4 notable matchups to watch in Week 18

Give us one more dominating performance by Boston Scott and a few eyeball emojis.
Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles
Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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There’s no juice going into the Philadelphia Eagles’ Week 18 game. Nne... We saw the New York Giants on Christmas, and Philly had a better chance of beating themselves than the Giants had of beating the Eagles.

That means one thing. The matchups that we’re looking at here aren’t between the Eagles players and the Giants players. Rather, they’re between the Eagles players and intangibles or non-human entities. Those are the circumstances that will lead to Philly's demise if indeed Philly's demise in Week 18 is coming.

Let's get into a few.

MetLife Stadium vs. Everyone?

After losing a real opportunity to earn the second seed in the NFC, Philly has to put their starters on the MetLife Stadium turf. That goes directly against the Eighth Amendment and the whole, “...nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted,” thing because that turf is absolutely cursed. 

This season alone, we have seen Aaron Rodgers (Jets), Jaelan Phillips (Dolphins), and Al Woods (Jets) tear their Achilles tendons at MetLife. Per SportingNews.com, there have been 14 players who have had notable or debilitating lower leg injuries on that field… and now the Eagles’ starters have to play on it. That isn't very encouraging.

Oh, and the weather is going to be terrible. Don't forget about that. We’re talking Winter Weather Advisory-terrible.

Cross your fingers, hold your breath, and hope Dallas drops 20 points on Washington in the first quarter so the starters can get to the sidelines.