Eagles vs. Giants: Fun and intriguing stats that may influence Week 16 strategy

Jordan Mailata, Philadelphia Eagles
Jordan Mailata, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Jalen Hurts has to be better than a 40.1 QB rating.

Jalen Hurts' recent struggles are well documented. The wheels completely separated from the wagon in Week 15, QB1 completed a mere 54.8% of his passes while tossing two interceptions and failing to exceed 150 yards passing. That can't continue when the Eagles advance into the postseason. There's no way that Philly will beat the NFL's best teams if it does.

Philly needs the guy we saw in 2022. They need the guy that we saw during the majority of the earlier stages of the current regular season (minus the turnovers).

We know he can do it. We have seen him do it. Now he needs to tap back into it. This team is much too talented to continue in the path that it has taken from Week 13 to Week 15.

Tommy DeVito passed for 177 yards and 5.2 yards per attempt while compiling a 72.8 quarterback rating.

Theoretically, it feels like the Eagles are too good of a team to lose to the passing efforts and the arm of Tommy DeVito. Then again, we also thought there was no way that Philly should have been able to lose to Drew Lock (or a 92-yard game-winning drive that he orchestrated.

The goal is simple. Rattle DeVito early. Get a lead. Don't let the Giants hang around in the same manner that Philly let the Seattle Seahawks do in Week 15. We all know how the latter scenario played out.

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