Eagles vs Giants: Reasonable requests, bold expectations for a Christmas Day game vs. New York

Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles
Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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The Eagles look to deliver a little Christmas cheer on Monday.

Since we turned the calendar's pages from November to December, the Philadelphia Eagles have gone from being one of the NFL's most discussed Super Bowl contenders to one of pro football's more doubted teams. A win could change that, though not completely. You have to start somewhere though.

Next up on the schedule is a familiar foe, one the Birds haven't played in over 11 months. They tackle the New York Giants twice in their final three games. We hope the first brings some Christmas cheer.

We expect wins. Losses are unacceptable. Here's how we see the next game playing out.

Reasonable request: We all know Boston Scott is going to score a touchdown, don't we?

It's Boston Scott Week. Honestly, we have never understood why the Eagles can recognize that he can be so effective versus one team but can't seem to arrive at conclusions that state he can do so versus others. That's another story for another day though. We won't grind that ax here today.

The Giant Killer has carried the rock 298 times in six Eagles seasons. He has hauled in 71 passes. He has stacked 1,287 rushing yards, 566 receiving yards, and 17 total TDs as a result.

414 of those rushing yards, 222 of those receiving yards, and ten of those TDs have come versus one team. We all know who that team is.

You can do as you wish. We're taking Boston Scott as an anytime TD scorer, and we're going to smile while we're doing so.