Eagles vs Giants: Reasonable requests, bold expectations for a Christmas Day game vs. New York

Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles
Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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Reasonable request: The Eagles defense holds the Giants offense to 20 points or fewer.

Don't let this Tommy DeVito hype fool you. Then again, we told ourselves that Josh Allen was going to show up at Lincoln Financial Field and be a turnover machine, and that didn't happen. Then we said Philly shouldn't worry about Drew Lock, and you see what happened there.

Okay, let's start over. Try not to worry about this Tommy DeVito hype.

Now, he's closer to being Drew Lock than Josh Allen, but Philly can't walk in overconfident. Still, the Giants have only eclipsed the 20-point threshold once this season (in Week 2 versus the Arizona Cardinals and in Week 14 versus the Green Bay Packers).

Philly's defense looked better in Week 15. We expect they'll get some more of their swagger back in this one.

Bold prediction: The Eagles offense eclipses 30 points for the first time since Week 12.

The New York Giants have allowed opposing offenses to score 338 points per game. That's roughly 24.1 points per contest for you math geniuses out there.

Now, we'll admit those games have nothing to do with the coming Eagles/Giants Christmas clash. We also acknowledge that Philly's offense hasn't given us much to cheer for as of late. We're still going to trust the broad point spread and the theory that Philly will raise that 24.1 PPG average the G-Men give up and find six more points from somewhere.

Yeah, we know the Birds' games with Big Blue are normally tight. This is a good old-fashioned hunch. We're also going to assume that the fight we used to see from this team hasn't evaporated. Knuckle up! Get the dub!