Eagles vs. Seahawks: 10 Seattle stars who hope to wreck Philly's bounce back game

We're calling for an Eagles bounce back game, but let's talk about a few guys on the Seahawks roster anyway.
DK Metcalf, Seattle Seahawks
DK Metcalf, Seattle Seahawks / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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The Philadelphia Eagles look to return to the winning trail versus a team that has historically had their number.

The time for mourning is over. Four games remain in the Philadelphia Eagles' regular season, and races are tightening down the stretch. Consecutive losses can't lead to a third. Players are frustrated. So are media members and the fans. The only thing that should matter to anyone right now is there's another game to play.

Philly must pick itself up from the canvas after being knocked down in consecutive rounds i.e. games. The Seattle Seahawks are the next step in the journey.

A single win won't cure everything, but it will certainly help. Three things must be mentioned though.

First, the Seahawks have taken seven straight games in this series and nine of the last ten. Second, Philly hasn't won in the Pacific Northwest since November 2nd, 2008. Third, the Hawks are trying to climb out of a losing streak of their own. We count four straight losses for Seattle.

Trust us on this one. Getting back in the winner's circle won't be easy for either side, but we expect the good guys to win. Here's a look at a couple handfuls of Seahawks you should watch.

Worth mentioning: Geno Smith's status for Monday Night Football is unknown.

After sustaining a groin injury during a Week 14 Thursday practice, Geno Smith tried to test himself before Seattle's game versus the San Francisco 49ers. He wanted to give it a go before team doctors determined it was best if he sat the game out.

Geno's status for Monday night is uncertain at the time of this story's release. Drew Lock will start if Seattle's QB1 can't. Keep an eye on that. We will do the same.

As we wait for an update, let's look at ten more Seattle stars whom we're certain the Eagles are discussing.