Eagles vs Seahawks: Reasonable requests, bold expectations for Monday Night Football

The Eagles look to get back on track in prime time, and we believe they will.
Josh Sweat, Philadelphia Eagles
Josh Sweat, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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Bold prediction: Josh Sweat gets home to register two sacks.

Josh Sweat got off to a thunderous start this season, quickly establishing himself as one of the NFL's underrated great pass rushers. Late in Week 9, he got to Dak Prescott to help thwart a late Dallas Cowboys comeback attempt and bring his sack total to 6.5. He hasn't earned a sack since then.

In his attempts to gain an advantage recently, he's developed this bad habit of lining up in the neutral zone, but again, this is a 'get right game'. We expect Sweaty to... well.. 'get right.

Geno Smith is expected to play for Seattle, and let's just say he's less than mobile. Expect Number 94 in white and midnight green to introduce the Seahawks signal-caller to the turf a couple of times.

Reasonable request: Eagles win by two scores and improve to 11-3 on the season.

Maybe we're right about all of this. Maybe we're wrong about all of this. Here's where we all can agree. Philadelphia SHOULD win this game.

Run and tackle. Force a few turnovers. Throw the ball, or run it. We don't care how the Eagles win. We just want them to get it done. They're the most talented team here, and they need to prove such and fly out of the Pacific Northwest with a win.

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