Eagles Week 1 snap counts: Looming questions and off-the-wall theories

The Eagles pull out a tough week 1 victory, but there's a lot of room for improvement. There are also questions about the depth chart.
Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Week 1 is in our rearview mirror. The Philadelphia Eagles' home opener was less than a week away as soon as the game ended. We won't lie to you. People are nervous.

Jalen Hurts and Nick Sirianni may disagree, but if you believe that Birds fans and the media are walking around beating their chests and saying 'a win is a win', you have no idea how things work with this fan base.

The Minnesota Vikings are on the horizon, and even though that's a game that Philly will be favored in (and one they should probably win), there a theories that resemble the following. If the Eagles repeat the performance we all saw in Week 1, they aren't going to win many games.

The coaches are being second-guessed. Play calling has been criticized. We have even gone so far as to question who was on the field at times... and conversely question why some guys weren't utilized. Let's talk about snap counts.

Thank NBC Sports Philadelphia's Dave Zangaro for pulling the numbers, so we didn't have to do so. That gave us one less job to do this morning. You rock Dave! Here's a look at Philly's usage of all of that talent.

Yep! We have much to discuss! We have a few questions. We also have some statements we'd like to make.

Here are a few questions and random thoughts that have run through our minds after rewatching the Eagles' Week 1 victory.

Rashaad Penny gets zero snaps (because Rashaad Penny didn't play).

Rashaad Penny is a former first-rounder, and when the regular season began, he was the owner of a 5.7 yards-per-carry average. He was a healthy scratch ahead of Week 1's game, and for the life of us, we still can't figure out why that decision was made.

What do you think the conversation in the running back room will be this week?

We expected a running back by committee system. What we saw was the aforementioned Penny deactivation. heavy usage of Kenneth Gainwell, one carry and one reception for Boston Scott, and 19 snaps for D'Andre Swift. We would love to be a fly on the running back room's wall this week.

Fletcher Cox turns the clock back, and it was fun to watch!

Fletcher Cox may not be the player that he once was, but he turned the clock back some. Situationally, he was excellent, especially late in thr fourth quarter. He has also become a great leader. He may have saved Josh Jobe from earning a personal-foul penalty. That was good to see.

How about the days that Jordan Davis had?

Jordan Davis is awesome. Truly he is. He answered many of the questions that were asked about his conditioning and ability as a pass-rusher.

He tallied 18 tackles and zero snacks during 13 games as a rookie. He also played 224 snaps, roughly 26 percent of the team's total.

During the 2023 regular-season opener, he stacked 35 snaps, 44% of the defense's total. Six tackles, a forced fumble, and one-half sack were the result. No disrespect is intended to Josh Sweat, but we would have given Davis full credit for the takedown.

We know there are a lot of interior defensive linemen on the roster, but is there any way we can get MORE Jalen Carter?

Some platforms state JalenCarter got 32 snaps... Some say he got 40... We're not going to go back and count them... All we know is he racked six pressures & one HUGE 4th-quarter sack... Rotating all of this talent can be a difficult ask, but is there any way that we can get MORE playing time?

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