Eagles Week 15 snap counts: A nightmarish loss in Seattle births questions about talent

Here are a few immediate theories after glancing at the Eagles Week 15 snap counts.
Jalen Hurts, Lane Johnson, Jason Kelce. Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Lane Johnson, Jason Kelce. Philadelphia Eagles / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Catastrophic failure in the Pacific Northwest has us asking questions we weren't pondering a month ago.

Welp! That most certainly isn't what we were looking for from our Philadelphia Eagles. Sure, there were some improvements. There weren't many, but there were a few. We think we saw DeVonta Smith run a hot route. There you go! There's one!

The running game took a step forward. The defense played well enough to help this team to a win... until that last Seattle Seahawks drive we mean. Did they really give up a 92-yard game-winning drive to Drew Lock?

A nightmarish ending to a must-win game has us searching for answers. Is this team as talented as we thought? Do they have the horses for a Super Bowl run?

It most certainly doesn't feel that way now, at least not today. What's sad is just a few weeks ago, we praised this team for finding ways to win. Now, we're asking if they'll beat a good team again this season.

The Eagles made impressive trades when we hoped they would (Kevin Byard). They made key acquisitions once the season got rolling (Shaquille Leonard). They even locked up their franchise quarterback long before all of that.

Now, it's time for the coaches to put these guys in positions to be successful. That's what we haven't been seeing. Let's talk about workload distribution.