3 Eagles who will make the initial 53-man roster that don't deserve the opportunity

Tuesday, August 29th is the deadline to finalize the Eagles' initial 53-man roster. Some of the usual suspects will make the team, but so will a few players who aren't as deserving.
Boston Scott
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3. Derek Barnett, defensive end

The Derek Barnett experiment needs to end. Howie Roseman is like Dexter from the old kid's cartoon Dexter's Laboratory. He's a genius who is not afraid to be aggressive with his choices, but sometimes certain chemicals don't mix leading to explosions in one's face. Barnett is one of those explosions. It would be one thing if he was explosive on the field, but he isn't, unless, of course, we're discussing all of those on-field penalties.

So far, the biggest plays of Barnett's career consist of his strip-sack in the NFC Championship Game versus the Minnesota Vikings, his recovery of the Brandon Graham strip-sack of Tom Brady two weeks later in Super Bowl LII, and his game-ending sack versus Andrew Luck in an early 2018 home game versus the Indianapolis Colts.

His fumble recovery on football's grandest stage was essential in helping the Eagles close that game with a win and the franchise's first Super Bowl victory. Still, Barnett was only in a position to recover the ball because he lost on that play badly and was bullied into the 'right place at the right time' by New England's left tackle.

His sack numbers had decreased for three straight years prior to his season-ending injury in 2022. He often allows runners to his outside as he fails in his containment assignments. Bone-headed penalties are his trademark. After six years, he, like Boston Scott and Britain Covey, hasn't done enough to warrant his spot on the roster, and it's time to move on from these three players and let the next crop of Eagles flourish.

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