Eagles will reportedly fly south in Week 3 and host an old foe in their finale

One of our favorite and most reliable sources for Eagles content has spilled the beans on two more Eagles contests.
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

18 weeks... 17 games... A bye week that comes early, Week 5 to be exact. Welcome to another season of Philadelphia Eagles football!

The opponents have been known for a while. There are the usual six games versus Philly's rivals to discuss, home and road dates versus the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, and Washington Commanders. The Birds tackle the NFC South and AFC North. The remaining games are battles with the Green Bay Packers, Jacksonville Jaguars, and L.A. Rams.

As we await the official release of Philly's schedule, ears are a few inches from the concrete. Eyes are wide open. Our antennas are raised.

Leaks and rumors are aplenty. Here are two more. We may have knowledge of Philly's third opponent's identity and an inside scoop on who the foil in the regular-season finale will be.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the Eagles travel to New Orleans to visit the Saints in Week 3, and they tackle the Giants in a Week 18 road game.

Whenever we reach important dates on the schedule, you can never be too careful. Rumors are aplenty. Many are smoke that won't lead us to any fire.

We can trust Jeff McLane and The Philadelphia Inquirer though. They've helped us stay plugged into the important details worth mentioning. Here's what we have learned.

The Birds visit Louisiana's Caesars Superdome in Week 3. That game features a tussle with the New Orleans Saints. The regular-season finale, as it often does, pits the Eagles against their longtime rivals, the New York Giants.

We're marking the calendar, especially for that Giants game. That should be a Saquon Barkley showcase, one we expect Philly to win handily in front of the hometown fans at Lincoln Financial Field.

At the time of this story's release, the NFL's schedule hasn't officially been dropped, but the picture is coming into focus. We'll know the dates and times of every game very shortly.

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