Handing out Eagles postseason awards and doing so way too early

As Philly enters the stretch run of their 2023 regular season, we have already identified several Eagles we'd love to tip our caps to.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Offensive Rookie of the Year: Tyler Steen

This may be premature to some, but after Steen's performance during the win over the Dallas Cowboys, he's deserving of this one. Plus, there just aren't that many Eagles offensive rookies to discuss.

Imagine being a first-year pro and having your first start of the season come during one of the most important/intense games of the year. That's pressure.

Steen handled it with ease and showed that, when his number is called, he can step up and be a wonderful addition to the Eagles' already stellar offensive line. He didn't just replace Cam Jurgens. He proved he's a strong guard in his own right. Plus, who knows where we'd be had he not jumped on a fourth-quarter fumble.

That alone may have won him this honor.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Jalen Carter

There was never any question about Jalen Carter's talent, but that didn't stop other NFL teams from looking past him on draft night. The Eagles, however, gave him a vote of confidence, and this diamond in the rough of sorts has paid dividends both on and off the field.

He's an absolute beast, and offenses around the league are certainly aware of that. It's almost a sure thing that he'll win this award once February rolls around.

It will be fun to watch him battle it out against the opposing offensive linemen for years to come. He could be in the running for defensive MVP yearly.