Handing out Eagles postseason awards and doing so way too early

As Philly enters the stretch run of their 2023 regular season, we have already identified several Eagles we'd love to tip our caps to.
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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Coach of the Year: Nick Sirianni

Okay... Okay... Sure, we could throw a curve ball and award this one to an assistant, like Jeff Stoutland. Nick Sirranni is deserving of this award though (And, he should have won it last year).

The respect, love, loyalty, and compassion he gives to each of his players is unquestioned. He is the perfect representation of the city he coaches in.

Coach has shown drastic improvement from season to season, and something tells us he'll continue to be a fixture in the Eagles' organization for years to come.

Executive of the Year: Howie Roseman

If one thing is for sure, and two things are certain, the Eagles can rest assured that they have the best general manager in football. Vice president/GM Howie Roseman has become a master of the NFL Draft. The trades he has pulled off makes us wonder why people don't block his number. He masters the salary cap effortlessly.

We'd love to see this team carry less dead money though.

Howie isn't perfect. He has made mistakes (like drafting Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson), but he has learned from the errors, and he has moved on.

Howie is on fire. He's always trying to make his team better, and it doesn't seem like that fire will die anytime soon.