Escapee Danelo Cavalcante finally apprehended while wearing an Eagles sweatshirt

The two-week search to apprehend escapee Danelo Cavalcante has thankfully ended; however, in true Philly fashion, much of the discussion is about an Eagles hoodie he was wearing.
Danelo Cavalcante, Philadelphia Eagles
Danelo Cavalcante, Philadelphia Eagles / Mark Makela/GettyImages

The 14-day manhunt is over. Two weeks ago, news broke that Danelo Cavalcante, a convicted killer, had escaped from Chester County Prison. The efforts to take him back into custody have found a positive resolution as news broke early on Wednesday morning, that he had been apprehended without incident. What does this have to do with the Philadelphia Eagles, you ask? Do we really even need to answer that?

Let's just say Birds fans consist of both law-abiding members of society and those who run afoul of the law. In any other city, shots like the following go unnoticed. In the City of Brotherly Love, they earn a mention.

Many citizens of one of our great nation's best cities are currently on various social media platforms discussing what he was wearing with the same intensity that they've been talking about the past 14 days and the news conference that came after his capture.

Take a look...

Yep! "Only in Philly" is correct.

Here's some more info on Cavalcante's capture.

CBS News Philly reports that Pennsylvania State Police held a news conference at 9:30 a.m. EST. Cavalcante has been taken to their Avondale barracks for the time being.

He was apprehended in northern Chester County in the area of South Coventry Township after being spotted in the Longwood Gardens area on two different occasions throughout the two-week manhunt to locate him.

He is believed to have broken one of law enforcement's perimeters by escaping through either am underground tunnel or a drainage ditch. The search spilled over into Chester County after he stole a van from a dairy farm, altered his appearance and reportedly stole a rifle.

This has been a stressful time for Pennsylvania natives. Thankfully, it has concluded. We'll save our thoughts about his attire for another day.

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