ESPN analysts pick three potential surprise teams that could challenge the Eagles in NFC

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers / Kayla Wolf/GettyImages
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Could Jordan Love and the young Packers offense challenge the Eagles?

Mad Dog, as stated, is a closet Green Bay Packers fan, so it's no surprise he went with them. He believes The Cheesheads are built properly and quarterback Jordan Love will benefit from growing up with the young receiving corps. He also likes Green Bay's running game and defense.

The Packers are an interesting pick because of the unknown, what they will or won't get from Jordan Love. Russo's point about Love and the young receivers growing together is fascinating and a good one. Things will click in Packer Land if there is chemistry. There's no need to ask Love to do all the heavy lifting. Aaron Jones should be able to help take some pressure off his quarterback.

Green Bay's defense took a step in the wrong direction last year. They had trouble stopping the run. They didn't tackle well. Maybe The Pack is good enough to make a run at a Wild Card berth, but saying they're good enough to challenge the Eagles for the top spot in the National Football Conference feels like somewhat of a stretch.