ESPN analysts pick three potential surprise teams that could challenge the Eagles in NFC

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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Could Derek Carr and the New Orleans Saints finally put the pieces together to make a deep playoff run?

Keyshawn Johnson's surprise team was the New Orleans Saints. Sure, the pick was made with bias. It never seems to matter what show he is on. He raves about how talented he believes the Saints are. No one should forget that his nephew is wide receiver Michael Thomas.

Keyshawn also mentions the other offensive weapons New Orleans has like fellow wide receiver Chris Olave and running back Alvin Kamara. Johnson also hyped up the signing of Derek Carr as he states solid quarterback play should solve many of the Saints offense's issues. One thing to note here, K.J. has defended Carr for years, which is why the eye rolls came from Stephen A. when. Who knows? maybe Johnson is a closet fan, but this is another solid pick.

Here's something else of note. Johnson can't be challenged in his stance that the Saints are solid on defense. You have to give him that one. Last season, they gave up the ninth fewest points in the NFL. The Saints stars are getting older, particularly on defense. Carr has one playoff appearance on his career resume, so it's difficult to believe he'll suddenly morph into an All-Pro player.

The Saints are good enough to win the NFC South, but are they good enough to beat the Eagles in a postseason game? We aren't quite ready to buy in on that one.