Evidence that Jalen Hurts injury hasn't had any bearing on a sudden step forward

Jalen Hurts has been playing injured and has somehow elevated his play. How is it that he is playing his best football of the season?
Jalen Hurts
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Jalen Hurts understands the importance of being on the field for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Fans will remember what happened when Jalen Hurts went down for two games last season and back up quarterback help was needed. Gardner Minshew started and the Birds lost back-to-back games for the first time in the season leading to a close call in locking up the number one seed. While Minshew has found a new home in Indy, Marcus Mariota did not look ready to take the reigns, if need be, during the preseason.

To be fair, Nick Foles did not look great in the preseason of the 2017 season and we all know how that turned out. There is always a chance for a professional to prove the naysayers wrong, so that has been acknowledged. Regardless, it is hard to win in the NFL and Hurts knows he gives the Eagles the best chance at reaching their ultimate goal.

He has shown everyone that being healthy enough is good enough. The 600-pound squatter has a visible limp weighing down his gait but has not allowed it to affect his production. His cerebral pocket play has come to the forefront, as he only totaled four rushing attempts against Washington, his lowest of the season.

His 135.7 passer rating against the Commanders was his highest of the season, despite his limited movement. That should only inspire more fear from defenses lining up to stop him and opposing quarterbacks understanding you are never safe from Michael Myers. It is amazing to watch for Eagles fans but hopefully, Robbie Gould is also enjoying the show.

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