Ezekiel Elliott joins AFC East, and the Eagles will face their longtime nemesis anyway

Longtime Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott lands in the AFC, and the Eagles will do battle with their old nemesis in Week 1 of the regular season.
Ezekiel Elliott, Philadelphia Eagles
Ezekiel Elliott, Philadelphia Eagles / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

It's funny how things work out sometimes. There wasn't a Philadelphia Eagles fan in the Delaware Valley or anywhere else on Planet Earth that shed a tear when Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas Cowboys parted ways. It felt like we had reached the end of an era, one where we finally got to bid farewell to a long-time thorn in our sides.

There was just one question we kept asking ourselves. What if the Cowboys tried some funny business? You know... What if they brought him back at some point during the preseason or right before the regular season started.

Let's not misunderstand what is being said here. The Eagles don't fear Ezekiel Elliott. Neither do Birds fans, but you have to admit. Knowing he'd be gone made the prospect of preparing for an Eagles versus Cowboys game an easier task than had he been around.

Well lookey here! Zeke leaves the NFC, but as fate would have it, it appears the Eagles will battle him anyway.

Longtime Eagles nemesis Ezekiel Elliott joins the Patriots, Philly's first opponent in the regular season.

That doggone Bill Belichick. He has gotten stubborn in his old age. Sure, maybe we'll never place a capper on that 'Did Tom Brady make Bill Belichick or was it the other way around?' argument, but those on TB12's side are definitely getting a kick out of some of the roster decisions the old man has made.

According to multiple sources, including ESPN's Adam Schefter and none other than Zeke himself, the New England Patriots have added Elliott to their wheelhouse, which as you know, means the Philadelphia Eagles will renew acquaintances with their arch-nemesis during Week 1 of the regular season.

While that probably won't upset the applecard or turn the tide in New England's favor, any sports fan can see why that's interesting. From where we're sitting however, our opinions still haven't shifted. The Pats might be the AFC East's worst team, and we expect an Eagles win in Week 1.