Fanatics Co-Chair Michael Rubin answers the public complaints of dozens of dissatisfied Eagles fans

Fanatics Co-Chair Michael Rubin responds to Eagles fans after dozens of complaints about less-than-stellar gear make their way around social media.
Michael Rubin, Eagles news
Michael Rubin, Eagles news / Amy Sussman/GettyImages

It wasn't that long after the Philadelphia Eagles released their kelly green jerseys, hats, and ensembles that the most loyal fan base in all of sports took to every available retailer to purchase the world's supply of them. Perhaps you have heard. Philly's alternate jerseys are now best sellers in the league's 100-plus-year history, and guess what? There seems to be no sign of their sale slowing down.

There has been a snag in the machine though. Dozens of Birds fans, after receiving, shall we say, less-than-satisfactory apparel from the normally reliable Fanatics brand took to their social media platforms to complain about their purchases.

Here's an example. It's easy to see why one might complain.

Yep! That's an attention grabber. Still, anyone that has shopped with Fanatics before, whether online or in store, knows that their work is usually stellar. Recently, we were offered a response, one that's worth your attention.

Fanatics Co-Chair Michael Rubin owns the brand's mistake and offers an apology to Eagles fans.

Kudos to Michael Rubin for moving swiftly and offering Birds fans an explanation. Here's what he shared via his official account on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"If there’s one thing I've learned in business - own your mistakes.

Anytime we let any fan down, it’s a failure on our part and that’s on me.

Last year we sold nearly four million units of Eagles merchandise. That’s just Eagles products, which shows Philly fans truly are the greatest! That said, I let some of you down and I apologize. Even though this specific issue only affected a few dozen customers, it is still completely unacceptable that this mistake happened. One bad product and one unhappy customer is one too many.

I promise you that me and everyone at Fanatics cares deeply. We've attempted to reach out to every fan who purchased this product to ensure they received it as expected and make it great if not. If you need help with this or any other issue, please contact our customer service team at And we'll work fast to make it right.

Nothing I love and appreciate more than passionate fans - you make us better and we’d be NOTHING without you!"

Again, most of us have shopped with Fanatics long enough to know this isn't typically the work we should expect. We all probably own one of those miniature helmets, a jersey, or a ball cap, right? After reading Rubin's statement, it feels as though we can move on.

Fanatics informed The Inquirer that it has temporarily paused future shipments. Check out Beatrice Forman's write-up when you have a moment. With that said, let's get back to football.

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