Few teams can match Eagles' ability to keep making big moves during 2024 offseason

The Eagles have given themselves room to continue being aggressive despite already having a great offseason.
Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles
Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Money... The love of it is 'root of all evil'. It also makes the world go around. One thing we all have learned is life is much easier when you have some of your own. Whenever we discuss our beloved Philadelphia Eagles, the topic often enters the discussion.

Money can't buy one's happiness, but it can help the Birds acquire Saquon Barkley, Devin White, and Bryce Huff to add them to the roster. Each offseason or in-season signing normally directs us back to a familiar conversation, salary cap health. With a few waves of free agency behind us, we're back at it.

During Howie Roseman's tenure as Eagles Vice President and General Manager, we've seen Philly overpay for aging players (Jason Peters), write a huge checks for young players... and then eat the costs of 'dead cap money' when they leave (Carson Wentz). We've even seen him gamble Vegas-style, and like Vegas, at times, he's both won (D'Andre Swift) and lost (see James Bradberry's current deal).

Here's the good news. No one learns from his mistakes or cleans up the mess he made better than good old Howie. After his recent spending spree, there's still room to be aggressive. He seems to have done so again as Philadelphia signed C.J. Uzomah on April 11th.

With another NFL Draft approaching, we hung out on Spotrac to examine where every NFL franchise is in terms of available cap space. That was a very productive exercise. Birds fans are going to love where Philly is landing.

The Eagles, despite already making big splashes during free agency have given themselves room to continue being aggressive if they choose to.

We approach the midpoint of April. That means the NFL Draft is around the corner. The Eagles have already locked up Saquon Barkley, Bryce Huff, Devin White, C.J. Gardner-Johnson, DeVante Parker, Parris Campbell, Matt Hennessy, and Avonte Maddox with deals among others. They even traded for former first-rounder Kenny Pickett and, as mentioned earlier, signed C.J. Uzomah a few days ago.

Despite being so aggressive, there's still time and opportunity for them to be even more so. Spotrac recently provided an update on where every NFL team is regarding cap space. They report that only three teams have more room than Philadelphia. Remember that when they dropped the numbers, Uzomah hadn't been added, and the details of his deal haven't been released. Still, this is some pretty impressive work.

Do not adjust your computer monitors or restart your cellular devices. This isn't a drill. Yes, that says the Eagles still have $32 million in cap space pending the 2023 salary of Uzomah.

What's that? Did you say your fingers are still crossed in hopes that the Birds might acquire Justin Simmons or trade for Patrick Surtain? Don't snooze. No one truly knows what Philly is planning. These acquisitions, trades, and roster moves often come as a surprise more often than not, but here's the good news. Those are still options if there is genuine interest.

As has often been the case under Roseman, especially lately, wise decision-making has given Philly some options. They can still be aggressive. They'll need to save some coin for the guys they bring in through the NFL Draft, but even still, we don't have to rule out another splash addition.

Eagles free agency news courtesy of Inside The Iggles