Former Eagles assistant Jonathan Gannon bores us to tears during recent Cardinals all-access feature

Absence hasn't made the heart grow fonder as former Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon bores us to tears in a recent all-access feature
Jonathan Gannon, Philadelphia Eagles
Jonathan Gannon, Philadelphia Eagles / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

There isn't a Philadelphia Eagles fan in the Delaware Valley or anywhere else on Planet Earth who doesn't remember where they were when it happened. The greatest team ever assembled in franchise history walked into a stadium to play in Super Bowl LVII. Ironically this is the same venue in which the Arizona Cardinals play their home games.

When they walked out, they were no longer the best team we had ever seen the Eagles manufacture. They had become the most disappointing. Yes friends, that's where our story begins.

There are two meanings for 'goat'. Actually, there are three. There's that less-than-attractive farm animal that sheds. There's the 'Greatest Of All Time' acronym, and there's the goat that no one wants to be. Former Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon is the latter, and the further we move from his tenure as Philly's defensive coordinator, a dark cloud still follows him daily.

Following one of the most heartbreaking losses in Philadelphia sports history, J.G. had cemented himself as public enemy number one in the City of Brotherly Love, taking much of the blame for a meltdown as the Kansas City Chiefs snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and sent Eagles fans into depression.

Guess what? As bad as all of that is, the story was just beginning.

Former Eagles D.C. Jonathan Gannon bores us to tears in a recent Cardinals behind-the-scenes teaser.

Perhaps the most annoying piece of the Jonathan Gannon story in Philly is the way things ended. He wouldn't board the Eagles' flight home. He accepted the job to fill the vacancy left in Zona by fired head coach Kliff Kingsbury. Then, he began calling his new outfit 'The Birdgang'.

Perhaps you have heard. Philly hosts Gannon and his Cards in Week 17 of the coming NFL season. That might be a long afternoon for our old friend, but it wasn't nearly as long as a pep talk that he gave his new team in preparation for a recent preseason affair.

Check this one out, and try to fight back the tears. Sadly, we don't mean tears of joy. This was truly tough to watch. Thank the Arizona Cardinals' YouTube channel for the visual.

Sorry Cardinals fans... It's going to be a long season. Then again... We take that back. They're an NFC team, one of 15 that are standing in the way of what could potentially be a second consecutive trip to the NFL's biggest game.

When you look at things from the lens, we can't help but enjoy the dumpster fire. J.G. is no longer an ally. He's an enemy. Only time will tell how long his era in Zona will last. Maybe we're partial and we're jaded, but it's hard to believe he'll right their ship.

By the way... Who in Hades gave him permission to call the Arizona Cardinals 'The Birdgang'? Yeah, the more we think about this, the more we reside in a certain opinion. Absence has not made the heart grow fonder. The aftertaste of Gannon remains.

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