Former Eagles backup QB Gardner Minshew returns to Philly with a decent showing

Yeah, we know. He was battling Eagles reserves who won't make the roster, but how about that showing by Gardner Minshew? He most certainly looked better than Marcus Mariota.
Gardner Minshew II, Philadelphia Eagles
Gardner Minshew II, Philadelphia Eagles / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

It has been a long time since Gardner Minshew walked into a 2021 Week 13 regular-season game as the Philadelphia Eagles starter and walked out as one of the heroes of a 33-18 win. We have celebrated Christmas twice. Philly qualified for the most recent Super Bowl. Unfortunately, they didn't get the result that they wanted, but here's the kicker. Philly eventually replaced Minshew with Marcus Mariota, and 'The Mustache' followed Shane Steichen to the AFC South.

Yep, for the second time in six offseasons, the Indianapolis Colts have stolen the defending NFC Champions' offensive coordinator and named him as their head coach (Frank Reich in 2018 and Steichen this past February). During Indy and Philly's preseason finale, Minshew Mania and Coach Steichen made their return.

Who would have thought? Minshew looks a lot better than Mariota.

Gardner Minshew returns to Philly and leads a TD drive versus the Eagles reserves.

Yes friends. We know. Gardner Minshew's showing in Philly came versus guys who won't be on the Eagles roster in September, but come on. How many of you are thinking right now that this guy is better than Marcus Mariota. We sure are.

Here are the numbers. Minshew completed nine of 11 pass attempts, finished with a 135.6 rating and tossed a TD while stacking 102 yards through the air. Mariota's numbers haven't looked that good in three games. Take another look at Minshew's TD pass.

He'll never admit it, but that had to feel good. Yes, it won't be remembered three days from now, and yes, that Week 13 win over the lowly New York Jets is a distant memory. Gardner lost his final three starts in relief of Jalen Hurts, but it feels like Philly may have gone with the wrong man as their QB2.

It will never happen, but since we're on the subject, we'll ask the question anyway. Is it possible that the Colts can leave Gardner in Philly and take Marcus Mariota with them?

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