CJ Gardner Johnson's injury provides an opportunity for Eagles fans to take the high road

Former Eagles safety C.J. Gardner Johnson is injured at Lions practice. While some will make statements about 'karma', the hope is fans will go easy on him.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

They say 'Once a Raider, always a Raider'. Philadelphia Eagles fans never utter phrases that sound similar, but if there was ever a fan base that could relate, it would be the legions of men and women who, on every game day, show up to every Birds game (or in sports bars or their living rooms) donned in midnight or kelly green to support our team. Once an Eagle... Always an Eagle... Raise your hand if you check out games played by other teams because you want to see what former players and coaches are doing.

Sometimes, we watch playoff games and cheer for Super Bowl-winning coaches on other sidelines (Doug Pederson). Sometimes, we spend some of our free time trying to figure out why some of our former players waited to leave the organization before becoming better players (Mack Hollins, Jordan Poyer). Then, there are guys who burned bridges. Don't look now, but we have heard some bad news related to C.J. Gardner-Johnson.

Former Eagles safety C.J. Gardner Johnson is injured at Lions practice. We ask Philadelphia's fans to go easy on him.

How do we put this nicely? There are some fan bases that you don't want to mess with.. Las Vegas Raiders fans... The Buffalo Bills Mafia... The men and women of both contingents ride for their teams like no other. They're truly supportive, but if you rock the boat, you'll be met with fierce opposition.

Hmmm, that kind of sounds like Eagles fans, doesn't it?

C.J.G.J. left Philly this offseason, and how shall we put this? He may have crossed a few fans on his way out. He's been vocal about his feelings, but no one was expecting what occurred at Detroit Lions training camp.

While being blocked on a running play, C.J. collapsed and had to be carted off. He reportedly was unable to place any weight on his injured leg. He was one of Detroit's big signings during free agency, inking a one-year deal that will pay him up to $8 million, but for now, the only thought on everyone's mind is we hope that this isn't serious and that he is okay.

Eagles fans, we know what you are thinking. Some will place this in the 'karma' category. Others will respond to this by making cruel and insensitive jokes. We truly disagree with both approaches.

We would never celebrate an injury, not even those endured by rivals or former players that have bashed the franchise. Then again, we may have been at Veteran's Stadium and we may have also been among the contingent that jeered Michael Irvin when he went down... There were no camera phones. We aren't admitting to anything, but we all have had to grow up. What can we say? You live and learn.

We're adults now. Some of us have children. We all have careers. We've learned to handle things as such, but who are we kidding? It's hard to hear news like this and avoid seeing, shall we say, less than positive responses.

Get well soon C.J.! We truly mean that, and to our fellow Eagles fans... Please go easy on him.

Update: According to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, C.J.'s injury may not be serious.

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