Former Eagles coach Andy Reid has the worst team in the NFL, for now

Andy Reid's Kansas City Chiefs just lost the the Detroit Lions, and it is delicious. Come on. You have to admit that's funny.
Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs
Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles have a handful of former coaches and coordinators sprinkled around the NFL. It’s a great pub for a franchise to be so good structurally that other teams want to pluck them for talent. That means the raided organization is doing things correctly. Unfortunately, those guys can also put a pretty big blemish on the Eagles' reputation as a head coaching factory when they start their seasons off on the wrong foot.

If you're looking for examples, more often than not, we would never mention Andy Reid. Perhaps you have heard. He was Philly's head coach from 1999-2012 and is now the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. We don't often earn opportunities to pick on him, but his lowly Chiefs just lost to the Detroit Lions in the season-opening game of the 2023 season. How sweet it is.

Come on. You don't think we'd allow something like that to occur without making mention of it, do you?

If no other Eagles fans will celebrate the Chiefs loss, we'll do so alone.

One game of the NFL regular season has been played, and it feels like the football world has been turned on its ear. What’s going to happen when it’s Brian Johnson’s turn to hear his name called in pro football circles as a potential head-coaching hire? Are teams going to say, ‘Well, we could put our faith in him, but we can't forget that time that Andy Reid lost a season opener to the Lions"? After all, who wants a guy that can't beat the Lions!

Obviously, this is satire and is meant to be a joke. It isn't Big Red’s fault that Kadarius Toney plays football like a double-hand amputee. Still, the reality is that the Kansas City Chiefs are currently the worst team in the NFL (and will be for two more days with a record of 0-1).

Relish in this. Please. Just take it all in because it won't last long. Relish in the paradise that the team that beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl lost in the season opener to the Lions. 

If only that idiot would’ve done something like that back in February, then we would be experiencing real joy right now, instead of happiness fueled by hatred. Meh, whatever. At least we’re feeling something.

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