Former Eagles LB and rival exchange playful jabs over Philly's roster

The Eagles have the best roster in the NFL... So says a former rival turned media guy, but a former Birds disagrees.
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Social media has its advantages. You wouldn't believe how often I have reconnected with a long, lost friend or family member. It's also a cool way to stay abreast of news, notes, and trends. Forget all of the takes and drops you see related to the Philadelphia Eagles. Social media is bigger than your favorite football team. It's almost like having backstage passes.

We see highlights before ESPN runs them, news before CNN runs a story, and theory upon theory about the latest Marvel phases. You have to love the convenience.

Every 'pro' needs its 'con' though. Social media can also be a cesspool. You wouldn't believe how many times I have had my life threatened by someone anonymous. It's enough to make you ignore the comment section entirely, but it's not enough to keep us from logging in.

Following the news of DeVonta Smith's extension, X became a party, one where we stumbled across a former Eagles linebacker and rival exchanging playful jabs at one another by way of the platform formerly known to us as Twitter.

Robert Griffin III and Emmanuel Acho disagree on where the Eagles roster is currently.

They say 'Once a Raider, always a Raider'. While there's really no Eagles parallel, the theory is similar. We all watch former players and coaches do work when Philly doesn't have a game to play.

As a matter of fact, it's our love for former Eagles and our disdain for former rivals that make us watch FS1's Speak and turn the volume down whenever Troy Aikman or RG3 are on our TVs doing their ESPN thing.

We love hearing watching LeSean McCoy and Emmanuel Acho. We don't enjoy Griffin's takes as much, but RG3 did Birds fans a solid recently. He took to X to offer a glowing review of the Eagles' offseason. Acho responded to the former Washington signal-caller by calling his theory into question. As you might imagine, that got the fans involved.

"The Philadelphia Eagles already have the best roster in the NFL and now they have TWO $25 Million WRs in AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith. Jalen Hurts has to bring a Super Bowl to the City of Brotherly Love while this unbelievable core is in its prime."

Well, no lies were told from RG3 there. We can probably debate whether the Eagles have the game's best roster on paper or not, but it can't be denied that QB1 Jalen Hurts will see some added pressure this season. Most of the questions we have, however, are about defense.

That's where Acho focused his response. Both drew some reaction from the fans as you might expect, and the conversation appears to be ongoing.

The NFL Draft nears. We've seen a successful offseason from the Eagles already, and the selection meeting provides another window to improve.

One thing we've learned, however, is NFL games aren't won and lost on paper. If all of these moves are made and Philly doesn't venture deep into the postseason, this season, like the most recent, will be a failure.

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