Checking on former Eagles and how they performed for their new teams as NFL season wraps

As the curtain draws on another NFL season, we take a peek on how former Eagles have done.

Javon Hargrave, San Francisco 49ers
Javon Hargrave, San Francisco 49ers / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
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As the NFL regular season closes, we place a bow on the 91st regular season in Philadelphia Eagles franchise history. Many of us, if we're being honest, would acknowledge that our emotions are all over the place.

We have thought about the recent late-season collapse. We have thought about how many snaps the defense has played, more than any other NFL team. We won't even get into what's being said about playcalling and Nick Sirianni's oft-discussed limitations as a head coach.

We need a mental break. Hmmm. We wonder what those former Eagles are doing in their new cities.

This may not make us feel any better, but tell the truth. Aren't you a little curious?

Javon Hargrave, Defensive Tackle, San Francisco 49ers

After earning his first Pro Bowl nod as an Eagle in 2021, Javon Hargrave was snubbed in 2022 after racking up 60 tackles, 11 sacks, and a forced fumble. Now, with the San Francisco 49ers, he's back on the Pro Bowl train after stacking 44 tackles and seven sacks. No one should be surprised.

Hargrave remains one of the best in the business at his position. Gosh, we miss this guy. Here's what some other former Birds have been up to.