Former Eagles star hasn't quite immersed himself in his new team's culture yet

Haason Reddick remains a no-show at Jets offseason activities.
Philadelphia Eagles
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When the offseason began and we knew there was something afoot with the Philadelphia Eagles and Haason Reddick's desire for a new deal, we walked right into one of those vibes where it seemed the media and fan base were at odds. Reddick said he wanted to be here. Some believed that. Others didn't. Some wanted him to stay. Others believed the relationship had run its course.

Regardless of what side you were on during the height of either of those discussions, here's what we can say. Reddick has proven that his statements about wanting to continue playing in Philly were sincere.

He's traded one shade of green for another now as he was traded from the Birds to the New York Jets, but we have yet to see any clips of him working with his teammates.

Haason Reddick remains a no-show at Jets offseason activities.

Last time we saw him, Reddick was capping a season where he finished with 11 sacks. He had earned a trip to a second straight Pro Bowl. That's part of the reason some were confused about why Philly would move on.

Since he exited stage left, we saw a clip or two of him working out with trainers, but he hasn't quite immersed himself in the Jets culture yet. He has been a no-show at New York's offseason activities, and no one, Jets head coach Robert Saleh included, seems to have any explanation for what's going on.

Here's your update.

How's this for a response to all of that?

Keep something else in mind. There's still that minor issue with Haason Reddick desiring a new extension and pay raise which, if we're being honest, is what facilitated his Eagles departure in the first place.

Reddick, a Camden City native, turns 30 on September 20. There's no need to stress about his age as pass rushers have proven time and time again that they can continue playing well once eclipsing the 30-year plateau.

While it's believed Haason is engaging in some sort of holdout, this is why teams trading for guys needing a contract extension typically have one worked out upon said player's arrival. Reddick didn't want to play in Philly with his deal constructed as is, and by the looks of things, a change of scenery hasn't changed that.

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