Former NFL great, six-time Pro Bowler says Eagles were 'playing possum' ahead of the NFL Playoffs

Chad Johnson believes the Eagles have been "playing possum".
Chad Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals v Philadelphia Eagles
Chad Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals v Philadelphia Eagles / Streeter Lecka/GettyImages

We have witnessed what some would call 'backing into the postseason'. The Philadelphia Eagles following a 10-1 start, lost five of their final six games. The final two contests, two that were played versus what we thought was inferior competition, were the most deflating, and now Philly will walk into Raymond James Stadium to tackle the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs and be asked to win a road game and advance to the Divisional Round.

The Birds will be favored, but as strange as this sounds, even with that knowledge, you'd be hard-pressed to find ten people that believe that Philly is the better team. That hasn't swayed a former six-time Pro Bowler though.

Chad Johnson believes the Eagles have been "playing possum" ahead of the NFL Playoffs.

There are a few NFL mainstays and media types that have drawn the ire of Eagles fans more times than we remember. Chad Johnson isn't one of those people. He has expressed his admiration for the City of Brotherly Love's passion for sports. He's a huge Eagles and Jalen Hurts fan, but his recent take is one that certainly caught our attention.

Here's what's funny. Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert said something equally as disturbing after Philly's epic collapse in New Jersey versus the New York Giants. He told select members of the media that the Birds, in essence, throttled it down some when once a postseason berth was earned. Here's some of his take.

Yeah... Frankly, we aren't buying it. There comes a point where, like a bad call from the referee, we must reach into our pockets, find our red challenge flags, and throw them as far onto the field as we can.

After watching the travesty that was Eagles versus Arizona Cardinals, we rewatched the television broadcast of the game. We saw Josh Sweat with his head in his hands. We saw bad body language. We saw defensive players who were unsure of where to line up prior to the snap of the football.

Things are bad friends! The vibes are off.

All week long, however, we have been hearing that, with the postseason beginning, every qualifying team starts a new season, one where everyone has zero wins and zero losses.

While that's true, it's hard to look at this Eagles team and feel confident that they'll be able to fix the problem areas that we have been seeing by Monday's Wild Card Game. Technically, it isn't over until it's over. Still, this is a bad football team right now, and respectfully, Chad Johnson and Dallas Goedert appear to be doing what we all are trying to do, fish for answers while coming up empty.

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