4 free agents the Eagles should still consider acquiring this offseason

Kwon Alexander, Philadelphia Eagles
Kwon Alexander, Philadelphia Eagles / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages
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DeAndre Hopkins, Wide Receiver

This won't go away, will it? While not necessarily a pressing need (or one that's realistic), adding DeAndre Hopkins would make the Eagles more talented and deeper at receiver. There's no denying that. It also can't be ignored that he has missed time because of injury and a recent suspension.

Hopkins, 31, hasn't played more than ten games in the past two seasons. He is uber-talented when he is on the field. He has caught 106 receptions, racked up 1,289 yards receiving, and reached the end zone 11 times during that time frame.

Still, as Hopkins continues to age, injury concerns could increase. Hopkins has endured a torn MCL in 2021 and multiple hamstring injuries at various points in his career.

So, what are realistic expectations for DeAndre? At the close of the 2022 season, he had collected 717 yards and three touchdowns. That isn't what you'd expect from a superstar, but again, he was unavailable for the Arizona Cardinals' first six games (suspension) and inactive for their final two.

In the Eagles' offense, Hopkins could offer another possession receiver and deep threat, but would he accept a WR3 role? Combined with the route-running prowess of DeVonta Smith and the all-around ability of A.J. Brown, this would be a deadly trio of weapons at Jalen Hurts' disposal. Chemistry could become an issue, but at the right price, perhaps the biggest stumbling block to a Hopkins addition, this move could also make sense.