Four Eagles are tumbling down the depth chart despite Julio Jones addition to the practice squad

  • Julio Jones certainly isn't what he once was.
  • He has sustained injuries.
  • Philly elected to add him to their practice squad.
  • He still sends ripples through the depth chart.
Julio Jones, Philadelphia Eagles
Julio Jones, Philadelphia Eagles / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages
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Let's start with the guys who were already hanging on by a thread.

Greg Ward

Yeah... Greg Ward's never going to get on the field now... Unless of course, there are injuries, and though none of us would wish such on anyone, Julio Jones is normally healthy less often than he once was.

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Greg can ball. The organization loves him. They just don't love him enough to give him a chance or let him play. Julio's addition makes things tougher for him.

Devon Allen

Devon Allen isn't a football player. We hate to be crass, but that's the truth. He was elevated to the active roster ahead of Week 6's game versus the New York Jets and got no work. With Julio's addition, as long as Jones stays healthy, we may not see Allen elevated for the remainder of the season.

Joseph Ngata

You remember this guy, right? Joseph Ngata flashed early at camp but stalled some when the bright lights of the preseason shined brightest.

Okay... maybe that was a tad dramatic. You get the idea though. Ngata had a nice opportunity but didn't seize it.

Ngata has held down his spot on the practice squad and won't lose it, but it seems unlikely that there's true room for advancement.