Four loud statements Philadelphia Eagles must make once their bye week concludes

Despite being the owner of the NFL's best record ahead of their bye week, questions surround the Eagles. Here are four statements they need to make immediately once they resume play.
DeVonta Smith (L), Kenneth Gainwell (R), Philadelphia Eagles
DeVonta Smith (L), Kenneth Gainwell (R), Philadelphia Eagles / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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Despite being the owners of an 8-1 record, the Eagles aren't satisfied (and neither are their fans).

And, with that, a narrow victory over the hated Dallas Cowboys, our Philadelphia Eagles are the NFL's best team. That is if we judge everyone based on their overall record. Nine games have produced eight wins, and now, rest is needed. It's the bye week. Four teams are off in Week 10.

Two of the idle franchises qualified for last February's Super Bowl. They meet in Week 11 on Monday Night Football. This will be one of pro football's premier games, and it could double as one of the 2023 season's best. The Kansas City Chiefs will give Philly all that they can handle. We can only hope the Birds play their best game because they have yet to do so.

We're allowed to ask questions about the state of our Eagles. Simply stating they are unbeatable because we like the way their record looks would make us no better than Dallas Cowboys fans. Heaven help us if that ever becomes the case.

With that being said, let's not add fuel to the fire that is 'Negadelphia'. Let's instead issue a rallying cry.

Here are four statements we'd like to see the Eagles make once they resume action after the bye week. If we're lucky, they'll make all four loudly.