Full list of Eagles players who didn't report to OTAs

Here's a list of the known Eagles who were absent at some point during OTAs.
James Bradberry, Philadelphia Eagles
James Bradberry, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Three down... Three to go... We've arrived at Memorial Day Weekend. Three of the Philadelphia Eagles' six scheduled OTA sessions are in the books. The May 20 and May 23 sessions were private. The May 22 practice was open to the media.

The Birds will rest for five days before enjoying three more sessions on May 28, May 30, and May 31. The next phase of the offseason will then be Nick Sirianni's first mandatory minicamp of his Eagles coaching tenure. That is scheduled for June 4 through June 6.

Meanwhile, attendance at May's organized team activities is voluntary, but each absence is noticed (by the fans and media at least). We aren't privy to who showed up and who didn't during the first two privately-held sessions, but here's a list of who was absent during the May 22 practice.

James Bradberry

This is the one that got people talking. During his post-practice sit-down with media members this past Wednesday, Darius Slay said he had spoken with James Bradberry. We aren't certain if he was referencing a phone call or an in-person discussion.

Who knows? Maybe James was present at the NovaCare Complex at some point on Monday? It also must be mentioned that we don't know if he was present on Friday.

There is speculation that James may be a post-June 1st cut candidate. That could be an explanation as to why he wasn't present on Wednesday. Then again, we may be overblowing things as this could just be the case of a veteran electing to sit out of a voluntary practice.

Jake Elliott

Yeah... Jake Elliott is one of the NFL's best kickers. He's also entering his eighth NFL season. There isn't much he's going to get out of an OTA practice, so we can understand why he'd enjoy some time off. Plus, Jake is a rock star. He's probably at a celebrity golf tournament that we don't know anything about.

DeVonta Smith

DeVonta Smith was another of the stars who was absent. There are no worries here. He'll be ready to go at mandatory minicamp. Also, is we're being honest, his absence allowed for some needed reps for some of the newer and younger guys.

Kelee Ringo

First things first. We hope that everything is okay with Kelee Ringo, but this one puzzled us. Why is a second-year cornerback deciding to miss OTAs when he isn't a starter and when Philly has a loaded cornerback room?

Josh Sweat

Josh Sweat, another of our veterans, was also absent. We have no doubt that he'll be ready for mandatory minicamp, and we have no issues with his decision to sit a voluntary session out.

Lane Johnson

Lane Johnson is now the elder statesman in the Eagles' O-line room. They say hungry dogs run faster. They also say you can't teach old dogs new tricks. Now entering his 12th season, this is someone that can miss a voluntary practice if he so chooses.

After seeing the guy start in a Super Bowl with a torn groin, it's going to be hard for us to find any reason t criticize any decision he makes about his own body.

Another open Eagles practice will be held during the final three days of OTAs. Bookmark this one. We'll let you know if there are any noticeable absences worth mentioning during that one.