Full Sunday Night Football Schedule for the 2024 NFL Season

Bookmark this one. Here's a list of every Sunday Night Football game to be played during the coming NFL season.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (L) Ernest Jones IV, Los Angeles Rams (R)
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (L) Ernest Jones IV, Los Angeles Rams (R) / Harry How/GettyImages

Call it the end of an era. Maybe you aren't as bummed out about this as we are, but this season, the Philadelphia Eagles' annual clash with the hated Dallas Cowboys won't be televised on Sunday Night Football in prime time. Truth be told. We were kind of looking forward to the encounter.

Some of you are probably saying 'So what? The game will still go on. Lately, Philly always loses that game anyway'. Call us crazy, but deep down we've been feeling like this time, things feel a tad different.

This will probably still be a nationally televised game and part of FOX's spotlight. Yes, much will happen before these two foes meet. We've pondered this ad nauseam though. A Birds win in this one is one of our bold predictions for the coming season. They haven't beaten their rivals in Arlington since 2017.

We would have loved for that to be a standalone game and for the triumph to be enjoyed following dinner on a national stage. Hey... What are you going to do though? Plus, all hope isn't lost. Philly will be featured on SNF twice. Both game figure to be interesting, and they welcome a familiar face during the first.

Here's the full Sunday Night Football schedule for the coming 2024 NFL season.

The Eagles are featured at home and on the road during two Sunday Night Football games. The first battle is with Doug Pederson's Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 9. The second is a road date with the L.A. Rams at SoFi Stadium in Week 12.

Here's the rest of the SNF itinerary. Technically, Week 1's regular-season opener is a Thursday night game, but it will still be called by NBC's crew and broadcast on local affiliates and Peacock. The same is true of the Saturday afternoon Texans-Chiefs affair in Week 16 and the Thanksgiving night Dolphins/Packers clash in Week 13.

All start times are 8:20 pm EST except Week 16's Texans/Chiefs game. The start time for that one is 1 pm EST.

Week 1 - Ravens at Chiefs (Thurs, Sept 5)
Week 1 - Rams at Lions
Week 2 - Bears at Texans
Week 3 - Chiefs at Falcons
Week 4 - Bills at Ravens
Week 5 - Cowboys at Steelers
Week 6 - Bengals at Giants
Week 7 - Jets at Steelers
Week 8 - Cowboys at 49ers
Week 9 - Jaguars at Eagles
Week 10 - Lions at Texans
Week 11 - Colts at Jets
Week 12 - Eagles at Rams
Week 13 - Dolphins at Packers (Thurs, Nov 28)
Week 13 - 49ers at Bills
Week 14 - Chargers at Chiefs
Week 15 - Packers at Seahawks
Week 16 - Texans at Chiefs (Sat, Dec 21 at 1 pm)
Week 16 - Buccaneers at Cowboys
Week 17 - Dolphins at Browns

Again, make sure you circle those Week 9 and Week 12 games. We'll see you guys at the stadium.

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