Fun facts about new Eagles QB coach Doug Nussmeier

The Eagles land their new QB coach, and he's an intriguing guy to talk about.
Doug Nussmeier, Philadelphia Eagles
Doug Nussmeier, Philadelphia Eagles / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages

And, you thought the Philadelphia Eagles season was over... Well, some of you did anyway. To the casual Birds fan, if there is such a thing, the vibes are about packing the most recent season away as quickly as possible. Casual Birds fans don't want to discuss football. They don't want to watch anything related to the game. They have already moved on to begin discussing the 76ers and Philly's

No, wait! Did you see Joel Embiid is injured again?

The rest of us can't get enough of the game, the football junkies if you will. We've been discussing everything from the new coordinators to the domino effect it has caused and will cause in the coaching staff.

That brings us to Doug Nussmeier. He's the new quarterbacks coach. He's an intriguing fellow. Take a minute. Get to know the new guy.

Here are a few fun facts about Eagles QB coach Doug Nussmeier.

Who would have thunk? The man carrying the title of Eagles QB coach in 2024 has spent a ton of time with a rival. He held the same title for the Dallas Cowboys from 2020 to 2022 which means he has some familiarity with Philly's new offensive coordinator.

Kellen Moore and Doug Nussmeier shares the sideline in Dallas for five seasons.

Football is about relationships, especially at its highest level. Kellen Moore and Doug Nussmeier have known each other for a while (which is a big reason why the latter is in the City of Brotherly Love for a while. They were both a part of Dallas' coaching staff from 2018 to 2022 and members of the Los Angeles Chargers staff in 2023.

Nussmeier, a Chargers QB last season was the Cowboys' tight ends coach from 2018 until 2019 and the Cowboys' QB coach from 2020 to 2022. Moore, L.A.'s OC in 2023 was Dallas' QB coach in 2018 and the Cowboys OC from 2019 until 2022.

Nussmeier brings a decade of OC experience with him to Philly.

We spent our fair share of time complaining about the lack of experience Philly's coordinators had last season. While the new guy hasn't done so at the NFL level, he brings a decade of OC experience.

From 2008 until 2017, he served as OC and QB coach for everyone from the Fresno State Bulldogs (2008), Washington Huskies (2009-2011), and Alabama Crimson Tide (2012-2013) to the Michigan Wolverines (2014) and Florida Gators (2015-2017).

It isn't quite the NFL level of coaching, but he's come across quite a few future NFL stars while doing so.

Doug Nussmeier has won championships at the NCAA level and in the CFL.

While we may not have many CFL fans among us, it is interesting to know Doug Nussmeier was part of a Grey Cup Champion, winning in 2000 as a player while being on the BC Lions. His coaching career has led him to a BCS National Championship (2012). Let's hope he adds the title of Super Bowl winner to his professional resume.

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